About Us

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HongYue was founded in 1980 to provide the market-place with a reliable source of plastic and rubber extrusions.
The company has evolved to become a recognized leader in the design and development of automotive, industrial, cabinet and custom extrusions.
HongYue utilizes the most modern equipment and materials available to produce a high quality product. we are in a position to manufacture many different rubber sealing profiles like carrier profiles, hollow profiles as well as lip profiles in different degrees of hardness. We are able to implement wire and lanced steel, stamped steel and reinforced yarn.
For subsequent processing we can also manufacture fixed lengths, rings and corner frames. Additionally we offer the application of adhesive as well as additional benefits like; profiles can be coated with flock or spray varnish.
Our in-house tool and design facility provides expert engineering from design concept through to the final production of a product. Our plant is staffed with qualified, professional and dedicated employees focused on customer service and product quality.
HongYue is registered to the Quality System Standard ISO 9001:16949.