The profile and dimensions from your drawings Branches: automotive industry , electronics enclosures, industrial enclosures, industrial equipment, recreation vehicles, transportation, building.
Product Notes:
, Clip-on sealing profiles combine the characteristics of edge protection profiles and sealing profiles
, Profile clips onto sheet metal edge
, Sealing part of the profiles is sponge rubber.
, The clamp area is soft rubber with a steel core.
, In an extrusion process the two materials are bonded to each other through vulcanization.
Typical Products:
, Radiator seal
,windshield seal
,sun roof seal
,drip rail
, boot seal
, engine hood (compartment) seal
, glass framing seal
Typical Products
, glass run channel
, glass channel lower
, waist belt-outer
, waist belt-inner
, bonnet seal
, cockpit seal
, door seal
, others