TPE(Thermo Plastic Elastomere) Vulcanised rubber: Temperature rang(-40ˇăto+140ˇă) Good resistant against UV and weathering Good resistance to aqueous solutions, inorganic acids and caustic solutions Very good ageing behaviour HONGYUE use TPE hardness shore A from 60ˇăto 90
The profile and dimensions from your drawings Branches: automotive industry , industrial enclosures, industrial equipment, recreation vehicles, transportation.
Silicone Temperature rang(-60ˇăto+225ˇă) Good character in the resistance heat, resistance weather and resistance cold Good aging behaviour Smooth surface and various color for you choice
EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Synthetic rubber properties:good resistant against dioxide, ozone and temperature(-40ˇăto +125ˇă) very good resistant against chemicals HONGYUE use EPDM hardness shore A from 60ˇăto 90ˇă-Bad mineral oil and fat resistant