The profile and dimensions from your drawings Branches: aluminium alloy seals, wood door seals, plastic and steel seals, auto-door seals
EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Synthetic rubber properties: good resistant against dioxide, ozone and temperature(-40°„to +125°„) very good resistant against chemicals HONGYUE use EPDM hardness shore A from 60°„to 90°„ -Bad mineral oil and fat resistant
PU sealing strips gain excellent outcome in the several tests, such as ageing-resistant, fatigue- resistance, compressive and deformation test, heat-conduction water-proof and water-permeability test ; meanwhile wrapped sealing strip has no reaction to any paint and detergent ,which is in accordance with the demand of green and healthy theme.
PVC(Polyvinyl chloride polymer) Temperature rang(-10°„to+70°„) Good insulation, wear-resisting , acid & alkali resistance. Smooth surface and various color for you to choose HONGYUE use PVC hardness shore A from 60°„to 90°„
TPE(Thermo Plastic Elastomere) Vulcanised rubber: Temperature rang(-40°„to+140°„) Good resistant against UV and weathering Good resistance to aqueous solutions, inorganic acids and caustic solutions Very good ageing behaviour HONGYUE use TPE hardness shore A from 60°„to 90°„